Статьи Скотта Гормана (Scott Gorman)

January 13, 2009

Scott Gorman is an international journalist with more than 25 years experience writing essays and articles for newspapers and magazines both large and small in the United States, Japan, Canada and other nations.

  1. My Two Homes By the Sea
    My Home is in Anacortes, Washington in a small town near a volcanic mountain, with a historic fishing fleet and beautiful farm fields and wonderful….
  2. The ‘Ambassador from Akita’ spreads the good word
    [Special to The Asahi Shimbun] A FRIEND who lived for years in Tokyo before returning to the little coastal town of Kisakata in Akita Prefecture tells me….
  3. A Morning at Sea Aboard the Katayoshimaru
    The alarm startled me awake at 5 a.m., interrupting a dream. Just an hour or so later, I was was living another one. There I was, along with Kenny….
  4. A Day on Saito-san’s Farm
    The handsome traditional farmhouse of Mitsuru Saito was built in the Taisho Period, about 90 years ago, when agriculture was the primary occupation….
  5. The Marriage Broker
    She is a beautiful, cultured woman of 40, dressed in a fashionable outfit that will keep her warm in the chill northern Japan evening, wearing one….
  6. Some I met as a Pilgrim
    I got up early the day I went to Peace Park in Hiroshima, on the already-busy streetcar, prepared for a day of mourning. But as I was standing….
  7. Edamame! Get Your Ice Cold Edamame Here!
    Tokyo-It was a whirlwind of blaring trumpets and tens of thousands of fans cheering with perfect precision in lockstep choreography, the almost surreal….
  8. The Right Kind of War for a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon
    It was Sunday, a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Normally I would be walking the dog in Storvik Park, or polishing off a couple of bagels at the table….
    All my life, like many people, I have had to try to rise above prejudice. My religion, or more accurately my cultural heritage, has often earned my….
  10. Japan’s Children: An Outsider Asks Some Questions, With Respect
    [Published in Kisakata Youth Bulletin, Annual Issue, 2002 (Heisei 14)] I have been asked by Igarashi, Shizuya, head of the Kisakata Youth Council, to write….
  11. My Japanese Family
    As I sat at the breakfast table on New Year’s morning at the home of my friend Muneyoshi Hosoya and his family, he left the beautifully appointed table….
  12. Ringing in the New Year in Kisakata
    We ran, shrieking with the cold, towards the shrine just outside the door and down the alley. Candles were lit and favor of the gods sought; …..
  13. Saying Mata Neh, Not Sayonara
    As I prepared this farewell article, the people at the Town Hall asked me to write my thoughts about the future of the town, proposals for change….
  14. Ten Thousand Miles Away, A Family Member Dies
    There is a curious game played in Japan, sort of a mixture of croquet and golf called “Ground Golf.”
  15. Christmas: Mixed Feelings, Two Continents
    About two years ago at this time, I was in northern Japan, facing my first Christmas outside the United States. I was looking forward to it so much.

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